For many home buyers, the idea of purchasing a new home can be complex and overwhelming, especially in today’s real estate market. Thankfully, innovations in real estate technology continue to propel the industry forward making property searches smarter and more intuitive than ever before.

Enter Manorlead, a leading AI company specialized in real estate, based in the Greater Toronto Area. Their mission is to provide an easy, transparent, and stress-free experience for their global clients through AI technology combined with a team of expert real estate agents. They offer a transparent and guided process to home buyers looking to purchase new developments.



Urbanize Toronto recently spoke with Richard Xie, Manorlead’s Founder, to tell us more about what their team has been working on and the problems they are looking to solve.

Richard Xie, Founder of Manorlead

Tell us about Manorlead — What problems or pain points are you addressing?

Manorlead is an innovative AI startup that strives to bring innovative improvements to the real estate industry. Our primary goal is to harness the power of artificial intelligence to streamline various aspects of real estate and make real estate easy and transparent for all. As a leader in this area, we have developed the first ChatGPT plugin for real estate based in Canada, propelling our commitment to pushing innovation in this industry.

The real estate sector is often seen as complex and daunting. Manorlead, however, aims to simplify all facets of real estate with the help of our advanced technologies. By doing this, we aspire to make real estate more comprehensible and accessible for everyone.

Manorlead's AI Search can help users search for properties based on their criteria.

How is Generative AI being used by Manorlead today — How can it be used to change the way we buy or think about real estate in the future?

Manorlead employs generative AI to provide an intuitive property search experience in a conversational interface. It's similar to describing your dream property with a family member or friend, where users can easily search for listings available for sale or rent across the Greater Toronto Area using natural language (casually). This includes being able to search for previously difficult-to-search features such as 'open concept' or 'floor-to-ceiling windows,' and users can view statistics regarding communities and cities that they are searching for. Many of our real estate agents and customers have found this helpful in narrowing down listings of interest and getting a better understanding of the market.

Our ChatGPT plugin, a first in the real estate sector, is now available for all ChatGPT plus users. Once enabled, this plugin allows users to search real-time property listings across North America automatically using natural language in multiple languages.

But this is just the beginning. Manorlead's ultimate goal is to build an all-encompassing real estate intelligence that can answer any question users have. The Generative AI will not only provide information that the user wants, but also educate users about the information they should know in an easily digestible manner.

Manorlead's ChatGPT Plugin

What are you working on now — What is the long term vision for Manorlead?

Manorlead is currently focused on enhancing our conversational AI to handle not just property search queries for resale homes but also other related questions, such as calculations, new developments listings, and much more. We aim to transform conversational AI into a dynamic and efficient tool, providing genuinely valuable user features and creating a revolutionary user experience. At the same time, we plan to incorporate more functionalities into our ChatGPT plugin.

Our long-term vision is to build the ultimate real estate intelligence tool capable of answering any questions related to real estate that users might have. We also envision a Manor Metaverse, where mixed reality intersects with our real estate intelligence, enabling users to interact with real estate in previously unknown ways. As technology progresses rapidly, with developments like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Apple's brand-new Vision Pro headset, consumer behaviours are quickly and constantly evolving, and we are in a super exciting period of technological innovation. Manorlead aims to stay ahead of these changes and be a part of this evolution.

Image Credit: Roberto Nickson

Any interesting stats, trends, or data that you are seeing that may be valuable to our readers?

According to projections, Toronto's population is set to grow to 3.5 million by 2030, a more than 15% increase from July 2022, with the majority of this growth driven by immigration. This influx of diverse cultures is what gives Toronto its unique charm and vibrancy. The city's multiculturalism isn't just a demographic feature, it's a fundamental part of Toronto's identity that shapes its future. From the mix of world cuisines available at every corner to the array of cultural festivals that fill the city's calendar, Toronto's multicultural fabric contributes to a rich tapestry of experiences. Recognizing this, we are integrating multiple languages into our conversational AI platform to ensure that our tools are accessible to as many people as possible. This diversity, coupled with the city's rapid growth, positions Toronto to evolve into a global hub similar to Manhattan, but with its own distinct character. As Toronto continues to grow and thrive, it's this beautiful mosaic of cultures that will truly set it apart. 

To learn more about Manorlead and AI Search, visit their website.