285 Reasons Seattle’s Zoning Is an (Unfunny) Joke "The application of Seattle’s 285 zones is difficult to wrap one’s head around, thus making simplified maps like the one above a necessity. Such a simplified map suggests there are rules with lots of exceptions. However, that’s not so much the case. Seattle’s 1,700 pages of land use rules make exceptions, one-offs, and unicorns the standard operation." (Strong Towns)

Op-Ed: Amtrak Cascades Needs Track and Service Improvements "We need a paradigm shift, from moving more cars and trucks, to moving people and goods better and faster. For that, Amtrak Cascades will need curve straightening at Mounts Road, a new two-track rail bridge across the Nisqually Delta, and miles of new fast track south of Lacey. This new rail bridge will allow Amtrak Cascades to go 100 mph, not 30 mph, across the Nisqually, and can extend Sounder service from Seattle south to Olympia." (The Urbanist)

Bezos makes third losing bet on real estate "Warmer weather beckons Jeff Bezos. The founder of $1.4 trillion technology giant Amazon.com is moving back to his hometown of Miami from Seattle, citing the desire to be closer to his family and his rocket ship company Blue Origin. But rising sea levels threaten to leave the Florida town underwater within the next 30 years. It’s not the only questionable real estate decision Bezos has made in the past several years." (Reuters)\

Seattle voters OK nearly $1B housing levy (Seattle Times)