Lawmakers seek $200M for high-speed rail connecting Seattle, Portland and Vancouver "A bullet train that travels up to 250 miles per hour would "allow people to live in less densely populated areas and work anywhere in the megaregion," helping manage the region's anticipated growth, according to a letter 10 members of Congress sent Tuesday to U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg." (Axios)

Seattle social housing developer sees first round of funding "On Tuesday, the Seattle City Council passed its supplemental budget, which contained two pieces of critical funding for the developer, totaling $200,000." (Seattle Times)

The East Link Light Rail Starter Line Is Officially A Go "Two-car trains will operate along the length of the Starter Line for 16 hours per day, a shorter span of service than along the existing 1 Line between Angle Lake and Northgate stations. Sound Transit expects around 6,000 people to board the Starter Line on an average weekday, compared to an initial forecast for the entire East Link line of 43,000 to 56,000 riders by 2026." (The Urbanist)

Route of the Tacoma Hilltop Streetcar extensionSound Transit

Tacoma Hilltop Streetcar Extension Opening Set with September 23 Celebration "The Tacoma Link Extension adds six stations to the current line, doubling its length: Old City Hall on Commerce Street between S 7th and I-705 ramp; S 4th Street at S Stadium Way; Stadium District at N 1st and N G Street; Tacoma General, on M.L.K. Jr. Way in front of Tacoma General; 6th Avenue, at 6th and M.L.K.; Hilltop District, at S 11th and M.L.K.; and St. Joseph, on M.L.K. between S. 16th Street and S. 17th Street." (The Urbanist)

Real estate excise tax revenue in Seattle projected to be down 44% from 2022 "The office revealed that projected revenue generated from the Washington state real estate excise tax has gone from $55 million in April, to $50.7 million in its August forecast." (The Center Square)