Hello, and welcome to Urbanize Seattle!  Urbanize focuses on new development and other real estate news in cities including: LA, New York, Austin, Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago.  It’s a quick, engaging way to see what’s happening in your city.  

When the Urbanize team reached out to me to start the Seattle site, I thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight how our region is growing and changing in ways that are sometimes obvious and other times not so obvious.  

We have an amazing combination of geography, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, and culture that will continue to drive growth for years to come.  As we emerge from the convulsions of the last two years, I am wondering about questions like: 

  • How will work-from-home change the shape of the region?
  • How will we minimize our impacts on the environment?
  • How will we address the challenges of affordability and homelessness?

I work in real estate development, and I’m optimistic about the future of our region.  I look forward to highlighting what I think are some of the more significant developments in the area, including new construction, parks, transit, policy, and transactions.  Please feel free to reach out with your thoughts, comments, and any ideas you have for what you think would make for interesting content.

And now, read on!

— David